There’s a lot of excitement and responsibility that comes with owning a commercial building. You might have bought the space to launch your own company or business. Or maybe you chose it as an investment property and are leasing it to others. In any scenario, maintenance of commercial space is crucial for any profitable endeavour to run smoothly and to ensure public safety. 

Just like routine cleaning, electrical maintenance should not be ignored. In the worst-case scenario, electrical problems such as circuit overloading or shortages can lead to electrical fires, endangering everything from people, products, and the building itself. Regular inspections, maintenance, and responding to concerns promptly can prevent large-scale damage and costly repairs in the long run.   

How a Commercial Electrician in Edmonton Can Help You Save Time and Money

Commercial activities place a higher demand on everything from lighting to energy to electrical outlets. There is increased wear and tear on everything across the board. Investing in regular inspections will lower your risk of complicated problems that require expensive, large-scale repairs. A regular inspection will catch and repair small problems so you can continue your activities stress-free without the concern of power outages or possible fires. 

Burnt Out Lightbulbs 

It may sound simple because most people know how to change the light bulbs in their own homes, but commercial lighting can present more of a challenge. There are several factors why a commercial property owner would want to hire an experienced electrician to change the light bulbs:

  • The light fixture design is complicated and hard to gain access to the bulb itself.
  • The lighting is too high up and unreachable without industrial ladders or other equipment. 
  • Changing the lights in a commercial space can be time-consuming, and an owner may not have the capacity to do it themselves.
  • An honest fear of heights or handling electrical devices. 

At Polar Electric Contracting, our expert Alberta electricians can replace all types of lightbulbs in commercial spaces. We’ll also watch for loose sockets and signs of circuit problems while we’re there and give you an education on the best type of bulbs for your space. Fixing minor electrical issues helps your business continue running efficiently while saving you the cost of extensive damage that loose wiring can cause when not repaired right away. 

Flickering or Dimming Lights

A flickering or dimming light might be the result of a bulb that is about to burn-out, but it could also be a sign of a more serious electrical issue. You can start by assessing your situation. Does the light flicker all the time? What is the weather like? Sometimes stormy weather can cause lights to flicker temporarily. If the weather is fine and the problem is localized to a single light fixture, replace the bulb and see what happens. If the issue persists, call an electrician to schedule an inspection. Our experienced electricians will find the source of the problem and repair it. Remember, loose wiring should only be handled by trained experts! 

Circuit Breaker Tripping

There are several reasons why an electrical breaker might trip. The circuit might be overloaded with too many devices plugged into it, especially if a power strip is in use. A breaker will also trip if a machine or device is plugged in that draws more power than the circuit is designed to provide. It could also be the result of a problem elsewhere, such as an overheated outlet, faulty wiring, or a problem within a device itself. Circuit breakers are designed to help identify where a problem is located. Sometimes the problem is solved by unplugging certain items and then turning the breaker back on to determine which device is causing the trip. 

The time to call an electrician is when a breaker continues to trip or cannot be switched back on. Experienced electricians can determine the source of the problem and recommend the appropriate repairs or upgrades to get your building and business back on track.

Dead Outlets

Outlets are important features of any commercial space. When you encounter a dead outlet, it can be a huge inconvenience, especially if it’s in a prime space such as beside a desk or in an area where machines are in regular use. A dead outlet can be the result of incomplete or improper wiring. Both situations require a trained electrician to examine and determine the source of the problem. 

If left unchecked, a dead outlet might be an indicator of more extensive wiring problems that could result in serious damage, such as an electrical fire. A repaired outlet not only gives you peace of mind that no other damage is going on undetected, but it also allows your commercial space to run at maximum productivity. 

Not Enough Outlets

We use a lot more electrical devices on a daily basis than ever before. If your business is located in an older building, you probably hired an electrician to inspect and make upgrades to the circuits and wiring before moving in. But did you consider adding more outlets? 

Relying heavily on power strips can cause problems on many levels, including the hazard of people tripping over the cord and the risks of overloading the circuit when not used properly. If your business requires a large number of machines and devices to be plugged in constantly, you might want to consider installing additional outlets and circuits. This prevents long-term problems such as circuit overload that can lead to constant circuit breaker tripping and increased risk for electrical fires.

Hire Experienced Electricians in Edmonton, Alberta

If you own a commercial building in the Edmonton area, call Polar Electric for installations, maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Our caring, committed, and qualified electricians are available for all your commercial electrical needs, including:

  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Commercial light fixture installation and repair
  • Circuit installation
  • Wiring code updates and corrections
  • Commercial energy audit of the electrical system 

We’ll take care of your electrical problems so you can run your business with confidence and security. 

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