You’ve set the table for dinner. You’ve invited your close friends for a gathering to share some big news. The food is prepared; the wine is ready; everyone is seated and waiting for you to give a toast. Right on cue, the lights start to flicker, but no one is at the switch. You approach the light switch, adjust the dimmer back to the normal setting, then rejoin the party. Now the lights grow worse. They fall into a slow, constant flicker and twitch that is just enough to be irritating. The flicker of the light began weeks ago, but you chose to ignore it, hoping the problem would fix itself. Now you have a dining room full of friends and an unexpected light show you can’t stop unless you turn out the lights.

Don’t get caught in an awkward situation or end up with bad timing for your electrical systems to malfunction; when any of the following signs happen in your home, have them checked as soon as you can by a professional electrical company. 

Knowing When to DIY and When to Call an Electrician

There are many home repairs that, as a homeowner or landlord, you might be tempted to do yourself. With the help of Google and YouTube, anyone can feel like an expert after a five-minute tutorial. But when it comes to electrical repairs, you’re better off leaving those seemingly easy fixes to the professionals. The cause of an electrical problem is not always obvious, and many common problems require an expert electrician to diagnose and fix them. 

While some home improvements might be tempting to leave for another day, season, or year, electrical problems should not be ignored. If electrical wiring in your walls is malfunctioning, it can create a fire hazard posing unseen risks to you and your family. If any part of your electrical system acts up, it’s better to be cautious and call your local electrician for an inspection.

7 Signs You Need to Call Your Local Electrical Company

Since most of the electrical system in your home is contained in the walls, ceilings, or floor, it can be difficult to detect the true cause of many electrical issues. However, if you encounter the following signs, you should call in an expert. 

1. Flickering Lights

If there is no storm happening outside and your lights are flickering, you should call an electrician to check the issue. It could be a problem with your light fixture, but it could also be a sign of trouble with the wiring or circuits. A properly connected electrical circuit will not produce flickering lights. Like most electrical problems, it’s better to have them examined early to prevent further, more serious damage in the future. 

2. Tripped Breakers

When a circuit overloads, the breaker will trip. That is the safety design of the system. You’ve probably had to flip a breaker on your electrical panel due to unexpected overloading at some point in your life. For example, maybe you had your washer and dryer running and tried to plug in an exercise bike to the same circuit. In that case, the solution is simple. Try moving the exercise bike to another room or to an outlet on another circuit. But if the same breaker, or multiple breakers, repeatedly trip, you should consult an electrician. When the breakers trip repeatedly, this might indicate that something is causing the circuit to continuously overheat, and overheated wiring can cause house fires. The problem of tripping breakers is often encountered in older homes but can happen in new homes too.  

3. Overheating Outlets

Your home is designed with circuits that support a certain current to a group of outlets. Each wire connection is designed to be tight and seamless to allow for smooth delivery of power. When wires become loose or disconnect, the circuit is disrupted. Likewise, if any of the outlets in your home feel hot, there is likely a problem with the connections and will require an electrician’s attention and skill to fix. 

4. High Electrical Bills

Your electrical bill can fluctuate depending on several factors, including the season and the number of appliances and machines you use in your home. There are several ways you can decrease your electrical bills, but if your electrical bill dramatically increases and remains high, you should consider having an electrician inspect your home. There may be a source in your home that draws excess power or a circuit that is not connected properly. You might even consider upgrading your system to support more efficient appliances.  

5. Dead Outlet

An outlet in your home that does not work can mean the outlet was not connected properly to a circuit or some other hazard is at work. Since charging spots in homes are usually in high demand, calling an electrician to investigate and fix the problem can make everyone in your home happy.

6. A Light Switch That Does Not Work

Have you ever encountered a mysterious light switch that doesn’t seem to turn anything on or off? If a home has been renovated recently, someone may have disconnected the switch on purpose. However, in homes that have not had any recent work done or older homes, a light switch that doesn’t connect to anything could signify that the wirings are loose or disconnected. Just like a dead outlet, any light switches that stop working or don’t work at all should be investigated by a certified electrician. 

7. Electrical Shocks

A properly connected outlet will not give off electrical shocks. If you plug in a device or flip a switch and receive a shock, there is probably a loose connection somewhere in the circuit, either in the switch itself, the wiring, or the electrical box. Loose connections make the current unstable and require the skills of a certified electrician. 

Always Remember Safety-First for Electrical Repairs

It’s important to remember that electricity is powerful and dangerous if you’re not a trained electrician. Never attempt to fix your circuits or repair an electrical panel on your own. Certified electricians have the proper tools and protective gear to diagnose and repair electrical issues. 

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