Why Does Commercial Lighting Matter?

When it comes to creating a workspace or retail space that leads to higher profitability, lighting is one of the most affordable and effective changes you can make. 

The right lighting can do any of the following:

  • Set a mood
  • Improve the outlook of your customers and staff
  • Make products look more desirable
  • Help you save money on your monthly utility bills
  • Reduce crime
  • Prevent accidents 
  • Bring in more customers

We’ve been brought on for several large-scale commercial builds, renovations, and tenant improvement projects in Edmonton, so we have plenty of experience with upgrading lighting systems to make them more cost-effective and productive. With that in mind, here are seven ideas for improving your business’ lighting (and the effects it can have on your bottom line)!

Replacing Outdated Fixtures

There’s nothing that dates a commercial space like old fixtures. Light fixture styles come and go fairly quickly, so updating them every few years can prevent your space from looking outdated. 

Be sure to think about other upgrades to your space before you choose your fixtures so you can match the style and layout. The style of your fixtures, temperature of your bulbs, and brightness in specific spaces of your office, warehouse, or store can set a tone and mood for customers. 

LED Upgrades

If your commercial space doesn’t have LED lights installed yet, now’s the time. LED bulbs run on the most energy-efficient lighting system out there. They’ll save you up to 40% on your monthly utility bills, last longer, and provide heat-free light for your space. Additionally, they provide better “efficacy,” which basically means they’re better at directing light where it actually needs to go. 

An experienced electrical contractor can make this change-out simple and affordable. Call our electricians for a cost analysis so we can estimate how much money you’ll save!

Display Lighting 

If your products aren’t selling as well in your retail space as you’d hoped, it might be the result of ineffective displays. While elements like layout, furnishings, and even scent can have an impact on how well your products sell, lighting is no different! A poorly-lit display can make or break a transaction. 

One example would be a jewelry store. If the diamond rings in your showcases don’t sparkle and catch the light, you’ll probably sell fewer rings overall. The same goes for any type of product, whether it’s clothing, housewares, or a hamburger. 

Office Lighting

If you’ve ever suffered through an eight-hour workday under the flickering light of a too-bright fluorescent tube, you know how important office lighting is. Productivity is proven to suffer, and workers may experience health issues, including migraines, eye strain, and fatigue

Some studies suggest that cooler lighting in offices is best. You’ll also want lighting that interacts well with your natural light but offers enough of its own luminescence for evenings (or winter days that are short on natural light).

Automatic Lighting & Lighting Controls

Advanced lighting controls can benefit your business in a few ways. First, they can save you money on utilities, especially if you include features like remote control and auto on-off lights. Second, they can offer added convenience, such as scheduling so your employees aren’t constantly adjusting the lights throughout the day. And finally, they can add a bit of extra luxury or a different experience for customers. For example, some grocery stores have incorporated lighting for aisles that switches on as a customer walks down it, providing a unique and luxury feel for something as mundane as grocery shopping.

Outdoor Entry & Sign Lighting 

A lot of the electrical work that Polar Electric Contracting does for businesses is performed outside their locations. We have a lot of dark hours in Edmonton throughout the winter season, which means businesses need to attract attention with lighting. 

Outdoor lighting systems can help showcase the business and building so people take notice (even if it’s outside normal business hours). We also provide lighting packages for backlit outdoor signs that advertise the business boldly, even at nighttime.

Ultimately, outdoor lighting leads to more people coming through your doors and, therefore, more profitability. Another benefit of well-designed and installed outdoor lighting is increased security, which is included as a separate point below. 

Emergency & Security Lighting 

It won’t necessarily improve your profitability, but emergency and security lighting can reduce unnecessary expenses due to accidents and crime. Although it’s no substitute for a solid security system, lighting can actually help in preventing crime, especially crimes committed at night when your office, warehouse, or shop is closed down.

A well-lit building is not a good target for criminals who want to avoid being seen or caught on camera. Automatic and motion-sensor lighting can turn a spotlight on would-be criminals, chasing them away before they can break in. Your lighting will also aid your alarm and security system by ensuring all areas covered by cameras can be seen clearly. 

Another important aspect of any commercial space is emergency lighting. In addition to features like lit exit signs, back-up lights can keep your space safe and functioning during power outages. Typically, these types of lighting systems are governed by specific lighting codes, so be sure to hire a professional electrician in Edmonton to help you get up to code (or stay that way!)

outdoor lights on shop installed by polar electric edmonton & leduc

Other Electrical Services that Create Savings for Businesses

Polar Electric Contracting is a residential and commercial electrical company in Edmonton. Our main goal is to provide lighting upgrades and other electrical services that help your business succeed. 

In addition to lighting packages and upgrades, we also offer: 

  • Electrical panel service and replacement
  • Smart panel systems
  • Repairs and upgrade for your entire electrical system 
  • Safety inspections
  • Fire alarm installations and inspections
  • Wiring updates
  • Surge protection
  • And many other commercial electrical services!

If you’re a business that needs electrical or lighting upgrades, but you aren’t sure where to turn, we’d be happy to assess your needs in person. Call us or visit our website to look at our past commercial projects.

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