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Cost-Saving Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements in commercial spaces can come at a high cost for business owners. Although it’s important to have the space perfectly outfitted for your needs, there are also ways to keep upfront costs lower and returns higher. Whether you’re outfitting an office space, a restaurant, a warehouse, or a retail store, low-cost improvements can make a big difference. Updates such as energy-efficient upgrades can lead to less money spent on electricity bills, which is usually one of the higher operating costs in a building. Other upgrades, such as smart electrical panels and timed lighting, gives businesses more control over their entire electrical systems. Overall, our goal for tenant improvements in Edmonton is to lower upfront costs and improve long-term gains for our customers.

The Top Nine Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

There’s virtually no limit to what can be done in a new commercial space (depending, of course, on your lease or contract). Many tenants are started with white space, which leaves a great deal of room for improvement. Every business is different. Your specific needs will likely depend on the size of the space, your location, whether you have access to an exterior, your operating hours, and so on. You may also have more or less flexibility, depending on whether you are an independent business or part of a chain, franchise, or larger umbrella organization. You can look at our commercial electrical services page to get a well-rounded idea of what can be completed in a commercial space. For now, we’ll share the top nine tenant improvement requests we see for electrical upgrades.

Smart Electrical Panels

Smart electrical panels are fairly new. Despite this, they’re receiving a lot of attention from business owners who want more control over their systems combined with the freedom of managing them from anywhere. Smart electrical panels provide feedback and notifications so you can be alerted by your phone if there’s an issue that needs attention. This way, you can prevent costly downtime when someone arrives in the morning to find an issue.

Updating Lighting Fixtures

Whether you need to set a mood, feature products in a better light, or improve your security, fresh lighting fixtures are a top request in tenant improvements. From installing pot lights to chandeliers, there are actually a surprising number of benefits to inexpensive fixture updates, including increased sales, fewer accidents, and more security. Many of our clients also choose to upgrade to LED lights because they need to be replaced less often and are more energy efficient. This can be particularly useful in the case of extremely tall ceilings, such as in warehouses.

Installing Surge Protectors

Many businesses end up using power strips from a local home improvement store for their appliances. However, these “point-of-use” protectors don’t offer any defense against larger power surges, which can lead to costly equipment failures. Polar Electric Contracting can provide protection right at your electrical panel, which ensures that no matter what happens, your equipment and devices will be fully protected in all locations.

Emergency Power Systems

Emergency power systems are essential for the safety of everyone in your building, including employees and customers. When the lights go out, don’t leave anyone in the dark. Emergency power systems are a straightforward tenant improvement that can be completed quickly.

Outdoor Lighting

Many businesses are just as concerned with their outdoor lighting as their indoor lighting. Outdoor lighting in parking lots, on the exterior of buildings, and for outdoor signs can keep your business running efficiently, even during Alberta’s dark winters. We can install automatic or timed lighting systems to help you manage your outdoor lighting needs easily and energy-efficiently.


Polar Electric Contracting is often called in to update the wiring in older commercial buildings. Updating old wiring can reduce safety concerns and improve the overall efficiency of the systems. Wiring systems in commercial buildings can be complex, so be sure to contact a professional electrician in Edmonton before attempting any upgrades.

Timers, Controllers, and Dimming Systems

There’s enough to do when you’re managing a heavy workload of your own; why add to it by leaving someone to fiddle with the lights? We can install many kinds of control systems for your lights, including timers and dimming systems that run on schedules or can be controlled remotely. We can also install sensors in locations that aren’t used often, which can contribute to better overall energy efficiency.

Data Lines

Staying connected is essential for any business, but it’s equally as important to do it without running wires everywhere. Having a professional electrician in to install your cable can keep it from becoming a tangle.

Adding Receptacles

Adding receptacles one of the simplest and most often requested tenant improvements. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having enough electrical outlets to keep your business devices and equipment running. Since our electricity needs are always increasing, older buildings are often short on receptacles. A commercial electrician in Edmonton can ensure you have power running to all of your equipment without overloading any circuits.

Other Tenant Improvements to Consider

We know that electrical improvements are just one of many items to check off your box before moving into a new commercial space. Polar Electric Contracting has worked with dozens of construction companies and contractors in Edmonton for businesses ranging from warehouses to small cafes. We would be happy to introduce you to companies that can offer high-quality services for painting, flooring, HVAC upgrades, and more.

Find a Commercial Electrician in Edmonton 

Making the right tenant improvements in your building can lead to greater business success with fewer upfront and long-term costs. Polar Electric Contracting provides electrical tenant improvements for commercial buildings, including multi-level updates. Our experienced electricians in Edmonton can help you set up your new space in a short timeframe and with the expertise you need to be ready for a successful opening.

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