Alberta Homes are Getting Smarter 

Compared to just 20-30 years ago, we use many more appliances in our day to day lives, from personal devices like smartphones and tablets to advanced kitchen appliances like air-fryers and Instant Pots. 

Electrical systems have had to come a long way to keep up, and just like the appliances we use, our homes themselves are getting smarter. In some cases, “smarter” simply means better planning (where should outlets go and what can help solve common issues like security). In other cases, the technology itself has become smarter, allowing us to automate our homes from our phones. In both cases, your residential electrician in Edmonton can play an important role in ensuring you get an electrical system that lives up to the requirements of modern life.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System

Most of the upgrades we make to our homes are done for a few simple reasons: To add to the beauty, convenience, or comfort of our homes. However, upgrades to your electrical system can also add to your home’s value, ensuring that you get more buyer interest and a great price when you go to sell. And if that’s not enough to make you want to plan your upgrades, a residential electrician in Edmonton can also help you save money on your electrical bills, protect your family and your belongings, and save a ton of time on your daily activities. 

6 Electrical Upgrades That Are Becoming Commonplace in Homes 

Chances are good that you’ve seen some of these upgrades in friends’ houses, in magazines, or in listings for newer homes on the market. If you have, it’s a great time to ask an Edmonton electrician about just how affordable and beneficial these upgrades can be. 

1. Motion-Activated Lights 

If you’ve ever fumbled around in the dark for a light switch that seems to have moved, you’ll understand the benefit of motion-activated lights. Lights with motion sensors are commonplace for outdoor use, but they’ve also become typical for rooms inside a house. They ensure that the lights come on when you need them and turn off behind you, saving you money on your electrical bills, especially in rooms like closets, pantries, garages, and attics. They can also be installed on stairway lighting to help avoid falls and are useful in areas like laundry rooms when a person’s hands are often full, leaving them unable to use a light switch. 

2. Programmable Under-Cabinet LEDs

Under-cabinet lighting is a simple install in a new home or as a retrofit. Programmable LED rope lighting is common, allowing homeowners to change the tone of the lighting to match the décor or mood of a certain room. In the kitchen, under-cabinet LEDs ensure that a cook can see what they’re doing clearly. It can also be used as a dimmed “night-light” that can be left on for those late-night snacking sessions. 

3. Smart Electrical Panels

Smart electrical panels are mostly being used in businesses and high-end homes, but we can expect that as the technology develops, more and more homes will have them. Smart panels allow you to see and diagnose issues in your panel, usually before they become major issues. Your electrician will spend less time diagnosing issues and you’ll have more overall control of your system, among many other benefits.

4. Security Lighting & Security Monitoring

Security systems used to be reserved for luxury, gated homes. Today, homes of all types and in all areas of Edmonton have security systems, including cameras and motion-activated lighting. Stepping up your security can be as simple as having an electrician come to your house to look over the access points in your yard and home and set up motion-activated lighting and connections for indoor and outdoor security cameras. As an added bonus, we can put a switch for your outdoor lights beside your bed so you can turn it on quickly if you wake up worried or hear a noise in the night.  

5. Clever Outlet Design

There’s nothing new or special about outlets (which electricians tend to call receptacles). However, keeping up with modern appliances requires a little creativity. If  you’re having a new home built or upgrades to your current system, ask our experienced electricians about how we can easily and affordably install new outlets in clever locations to make your everyday life more convenient. For example, we can install USB outlets in drawers for easy charging or put them in pantries so you can hide some of your larger appliances.

6. Master Switches

Imagine if you had one switch to rule them all. Many homeowners like the idea of having master switches to shut everything off at once. We can help you install a master switch for all of your indoor lights so that you can easily switch everything off as you leave your house. A second master switch for all outdoor lights can help you head off to bed a lot faster. 

Renovating or Designing a Home? You May Also Want to Consider… 

Some other electrical system upgrades previously considered as luxuries and now becoming commonplace include: 

  • Keypad entries so you can take one more key off your ring.
  • Dimmers for indoor and outdoor lights so you can save on electricity and set a mood any time.
  • Vacuum dustpans that connect to your central vac for easy spot cleaning. 
  • Smart home systems that connect everything to your phone. 
  • Rooftop receptacles and entryway switches for holiday lights.
  • Wiring upgrades and panel upgrades for remodeling older homes

Many of our clients also like to think about the future when they design or remodel a home. We can help plan ahead for future purchases like hot tubs, electric car charging, driveway lighting, room additions, basement developments, and more. 

Need Help with Your Electrical System Design? 

At Polar Electric Contracting, we spend a lot of time thinking about how electrical upgrades can improve the lives of our clients. If you are considering remodeling your home or designing a new home, be sure to get in touch with our Master Electricians to learn about simple and affordable upgrades to your electrical system design.


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