Electrical Services in Edmonton

Knowledge is power! Literally. Although sometimes you’ll pick up “plug-and-play” devices, there will always be times you need to have the proper knowledge to be able to connect power to complex electrical appliances. 

When you decide to purchase an electrical appliance, either for your house or a commercial building, it’s always wise to consult with a qualified Master electrician. 

Here are some things to be aware of when acquiring and setting up electrical appliances.

Electrical System Setup

Hot Tubs

If you live in the Edmonton area during the cold winter months, is there a better luxury item to purchase than a hot tub? It’s a great addition to your house, but you don’t just buy one and off you go, unfortunately. 

Setting up your hot tub on your own can be a challenge. One of the most important factors to be aware of is if you have a solid concrete base to support the hot tub itself. Meanwhile, the electrical hookup requires a fully trained electrician. Wiring a hot tub is a complex process, so your best bet if you want to be dipping your toes in hot, soothing water sooner rather than later is to get the appropriate assistance from a professional of the electrical trade. 

Electric Ovens

So, you replaced your regular gas oven with an electric oven and stovetop. Before you install it, you’ll need to be aware that electric ovens draw more power than regular gas ovens. Electric ovens also require power through their own individual circuit, separate from other electrical kitchen appliances in the same vicinity.  

Sometimes, older homes aren’t wired to keep up with modern electric ovens. If it’s been a while since you had an electrician in your kitchen, get in touch. A qualified electrician can tell you if your wiring and circuits can handle the electricity required, and if not, set up new ones for you. 

Central Air Conditioners

These powerful sources of temperature regulation require a whole lot of electricity. Systems need 208/240-volts, hard-wired installation, and a circuit to work properly. However, in some cases, your electrician will need to create a more customized plan for your home. Before you have your central air conditioning installed, consult a qualified electrician regarding the installation and electrical connections that will be required. 


Putting a few new lightbulbs up doesn’t take an electrician (there’s a joke in there somewhere…) However, adding multiple light fixtures to a circuit could be a task best left to an electrical professional. He or she can map out a wiring path for the electric current to travel, determine the amount of voltage and the requirements of the fixture, and wire your fixtures. 

If you’ve ever had a light switch that turned on an unexpected fixture, you’ll know how important it is to call Polar Electric Contracting about  our wiring installation and lighting services.

Kitchen Renovations

Renovations of any kind are exciting, but they can also be time consuming. In the kitchen, there are plenty of different plug-in outlets meant for electrical appliances. While you may be eager to get to work on the new changes to your kitchen, you should consult an electrician first about your renovation plans. Your electrician will do a walkthrough to determine if the wiring and outlets still meets standard requirements and code, including for aspects such as circuit breakers and outlets, which power many of your electrical appliances in the kitchen. 

Backup Generators 

Being prepared for power outages is a smart decision to make. You just never know when the power to your building or home will go out, and in rural areas, backup generators are even more common. 

Don’t wait for the next blizzard or thunderstorm! Buying a backup generator ensures that the power to your building is always taken care of for better or for worse. Electricians will be able to connect and hook up your permanent generator in a proper designated area of your building, where it can sit and be ready to use when you need it most.  

Smoke Detectors 

For the sake of the occupants within a building, it is vital that a smoke detector is installed and working properly, which is why a qualified electrician should be the one to install it for you. While the battery-powered ones can be safely installed on your own if you choose, hardwired options should be installed by an electrician in Edmonton. Depending on the size of your building, you may need more than one smoke detector as well, or you may need detectors that are linked together electronically, such as for rental suites in homes. 

Risks of Improper Setup

No matter what your background is, it is always a good idea to invest in the expertise of a qualified electrician when setting up a complex electrical appliance in your building. Their knowledge and services are invaluable, not only to your efforts as a consumer making investments in high performance electrical appliances, but also for your own safety. A frayed cable, improper wiring, or a bad circuit could easily result in a fire if the electrical appliances are turned on and installed incorrectly. Bad connections and location of appliances will increase hazards in your building vicinity. Don’t take the risk. 

Here to Help with Your Electrical Needs

At Polar Electric Contracting, we have the knowledge and service experience to install and set up virtually any appliance you purchase. Call us for any questions you have regarding an electrical appliance and installation requirements, or if you’d like a quote for wiring a hot tub, electric oven, or anything else you need to make your home more comfortable.  

If you have the experience and confidence to tackle the setup of electrical devices on your own, please be extra careful and pay attention to detail to protect your own safety and the safety of others. 

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