As an Alberta-based electrical company, our vans have to travel fairly far sometimes. Although we work with companies and homeowners in Edmonton most frequently, we also respond to plenty of calls from farmers who live in the surrounding areas.

Maintaining your electrical systems on a farm can be a difficult process. Typically, buildings and barns are spread out from one another. There’s also plenty of equipment, locations, and power lines that could potentially be impacted. When it comes to keeping your people, livestock, and livelihood safe, it’s best to trust your electrical work to the professionals. 

Polar Electric has fully trained industrial electricians on our team, which is why we’re often the first call for farms and agricultural areas with electrical maintenance or repair needs. We’re also familiar with Alberta’s electrical industry and all the requirements under the Safety Codes Act, which is essential whenever there’s an electrical incident on a farm. 

Electrical Maintenance & Repair for Buildings and Barns 

Electrical renovations on a farm can be a challenge for electricians in Edmonton, even those with commercial electrical experience. It’s best to hire someone with a knowledge of industrial electrical systems for your farm maintenance and repairs. 

Animals are actually surprisingly sensitive to electricity. As a result, it’s also a good idea to check that your Edmonton electrician of choice has experience with agricultural services. 

Dealing with Knocked Down Power Lines

Edmonton electricians are often called out to local farms to help with downed power lines. When you’re working with large equipment on a regular basis, it’s easy for a tractor or machine to interfere with the power lines on your property. In Canada, 45% of farmers or farm workers have reported direct or near-miss hits with power lines. 

When this happens, the power supply to critical parts of your infrastructure could be impacted by power loss. Not to mention, this is a potentially dangerous situation, especially for livestock in the impacted area. 

In Edmonton, electricians are allowed to work on underground and overhead power lines that are within your property. However, we may have to call in other power companies like Epcor to work on any affected power lines that are not within your property. Either way, we’ll ensure that your downed power lines are dealt with efficiently and safely so you can restore power and get back to work quickly. 

If you’ve knocked down a power line with your equipment, be sure to stop and call for help immediately. Don’t leave your vehicle and keep others away from the scene until you’ve gotten in touch with a professional and know how to proceed. 

Electrical Upgrades

Running a farm takes a lot of power – far more than residential breakers can handle. It’s essential to keep your electrical capabilities upgraded to meet the needs of new equipment and buildings. Before you set anything up or connect power to a new location, be sure to get in touch with an experienced electrician to determine if you’ll need power upgrades. He or she will also be able to help you with installation and safe setup.

Installing Water Heaters for Animals 

Keeping clean and fresh water available to livestock and animals year-round is a top priority for farmers in Alberta. That’s why many of our agricultural clients request water heaters to keep their water from icing over when it’s stored outdoors. 

We install a heat trace around the edges of the water container to keep it warm, but without disturbing the animals. As mentioned above, animals are very sensitive to electricity and heat, so it’s important that water heaters are installed carefully, or animals won’t drink out of the container they’re installed on.

Maintaining & Repairing Equipment 

Maintaining agricultural equipment is a big job. Tractors, silos, conveyors, and other major equipment can break down and leave you with lengthened timelines during critical periods of planting and harvesting. When this happens, it’s valuable to have an expert electrician ready to get there quickly to inspect the electrical systems and conduct repairs. 

Safety First

Electricity can be dangerous in any situation, but it’s especially potent on farms. According to Fortis Alberta, most dangerous incidents involving electricity occur on farms and ranches in Alberta.

We can help you with safe maintenance and repair, but we’ll also be able to talk you through the proper  use and maintenance of your equipment in the future to keep it running smoothly and keep you, your employees and family members, and your livestock and farm safe. If you have questions about electrical safety at any time, please get in touch with Polar Electric Contractors. We’re always happy to talk you through a potential issue before it becomes a safety issue.

Electrical Safety Tips for Alberta Farmers

  • Keep heavy equipment well away from power lines at all times
  • Make sure overhead and underground lines are well marked
  • Train employees and family members on electrical safety and ensure everyone knows where essential first aid, fire extinguishers, and electrical equipment is stored in case of an emergency
  • Ensure anyone operating equipment knows the height of that equipment and where it can and cannot go
  • Get in touch with Alberta One Call before you dig in any area of the property – they will locate and mark underground power lines before you begin excavating
  • Don’t store anything near power lines, including hay bales and fuel tanks
  • Take notice of any sagging power lines and report them or get in touch with your electrician

Learn More About Agricultural Electrical Services

If you’re looking for a trusted electrician in Alberta for your farming and agricultural needs, get in touch with the qualified team at Polar Electric Contracting. We’re the first call for many farms and ranches in and near Edmonton, Alberta. No project is too big or small, and we’re always interested in becoming your trusted partner for when something happens or you need advice and guidance. 

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