Commercial landlords in Alberta help keep the province rich in business and industry. They also have a considerable amount of responsibility when it comes to managing the needs of their tenants and maintaining the buildings they own.

Whether designing or upgrading a commercial space, there are a lot of details to consider. While safety and construction codes are the top priority, there are several design factors that should also be addressed. Let’s take a look at eight different design elements that landlords should look over and plan out with a commercial electrical contractor. 

Interior Design Considerations

Interior design for commercial spaces is very different from design for residential homes, especially when it comes to commercial electrical design. Residential spaces have a certain standard for lighting, power supply, and residential safety standards. While all commercial buildings must meet a certain level of safety standards, additional commercial electrical services can vary, depending on the use of the space and the needs of the tenants.

1 Choosing the Best Lighting

Commercial landlords should carefully consider the choice of lighting used in the interior of their properties. While a manufacturing floor requires bright lighting for safety and visibility, an office space needs lighting that is gentle enough to reduce migraines yet bright enough to encourage productivity. LED lights cost more, yet last far longer than fluorescent lighting and reduce headaches for most people. A commercial electrical contractor can give you advice and education on which bulbs, fixtures, and spacing will best serve your needs. 

2 Cabling

Different commercial spaces may require different cabling options. If you own an industrial, commercial space, you might want to install BX Cables, a durable metal protective shell that contains a series of wires inside. BX cabling can be exposed and can act as a grounder when installed properly. Other cabling options include non-metallic tubs that encase wires and must be contained inside a wall, floor, or ceiling. If you’re unsure which type of cable is installed in your building or need advice on which type to select on a new project, call your local commercial electrical contractor for customized advice. 

3 Wiring Updates

Updating and maintaining the wiring in your commercial building is important for both health and safety standards but also to provide the best working environment possible for your tenants. If you or your tenants notice any outlets that aren’t working, lights that continuously flicker, or breakers that constantly trip, you might want to consider contacting a commercial electrical contractor near you. They can inspect your wiring and diagnose the problem to determine whether you require a simple repair or if extensive upgrades are in your near future. 

4 Electrical Panel Maintenance

Electrical panels manage the supply of power for your building. It’s essential to ensure they are properly maintained for several reasons. First, a reliable supply of electricity is essential for any business to run profitably. If there are constant issues with the electrical supply, your tenants will complain and possibly move out. An efficient panel will also save you, the landlord, money on utility bills by running efficiently and reducing power surges. Finally, a well-maintained electrical panel also increases the safety inside the building. If you’re unsure whether your electrical panel requires upgrades, contact a commercial electrical contractor near you.

5 Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire alarms are essential safety features in all residential and commercial spaces. These alarms need to be installed and inspected by qualified inspectors on a regular basis as per the fire code in your area. The commercial electrical contractors at Polar Electric are certified fire alarm inspectors and installers. Reach out to us if you need the fire alarms in your commercial space inspected or installed. 

Exterior Design Considerations

When it comes to electrical services, the exterior of your commercial building is just as important as the interior. There are several design considerations to factor into your maintenance plans, both for safety reasons and for good business returns. 

6 Security Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Exterior security lighting around any commercial space is essential for all-around safety. A well-lit outside space allows for better visibility, fewer injuries, and less crime. Sufficient lighting is vital for all sides of a commercial building, not just the main entrance. Industrial electricians can help create a plan for outdoor security lighting for any commercial property, including areas such as parking lots. 

7 Signage Illumination 

Exterior illumination of signage is vital to any commercial business. We’ve all seen an example of a business whose exterior lighting was not working properly, causing the business name or image to only partially illuminate. In the best-case scenario, passersby ignore the outage or even laugh (I’m sure you can think of a time when you saw a partially lit neon sign that created a hilarious message instead of the intended one). In the worst-case scenario, a partially lit sign can create a rude or obscene message. Or, if the branding is completely obscured, customers will miss their destination. When designing for signage illumination, landlords should consider the best setup for durability and easy repairs. 

8 Generator Installation & Maintenance

Commercial generators provide reliability for businesses during unpredictable events such as unplanned power outages. Not only does a generator allow a business to keep the lights on, but it also helps keep IT systems functioning, ensures safety inside the building is maintained, and allows the business and landlord to continue to generate money. Landlords can support their tenants by installing and maintaining generators to keep the business going in all circumstances. 

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